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The 3 Best Copiers Perfect For A Small Office

Copiers for small businesses are usually very beneficial to one’s company or enterprise. Being your own entrepreneur by owning your own small business is kind of tough while you are just starting out new. You wouldn’t want to cramp your head with irrelevant problems like buying a copier for that small business of yours. You’d rather spend time working in order to make successful business decisions for your company. But, then again, a copier machine for small businesses is an important element of the office equipment as well. The fun fact is that when you get this copier, you would have all the essential things needed from it because of its copier, printer, and scanner all in one. So now your documents could be done in a flash without running over to different machines for different functions. 

Epson XP-830 Copier

This black-colored copier machine for small business, which is also an inkjet wireless colored printer, a scanner, and a fax. Delivering high-quality resolution is what this machine guarantees. A touchscreen LCD display panel making all the using functions a breeze. Not to mention the customer service of enabling replenishment of ink cartridges from Amazon before it runs out. It could be connected to various smart devices as well thanks to its built-in WiFi system. 

It is a wireless printer that can be connected to smart devices. It is a colored printer with a scanner, copier, and fax. It has an enabled Amazon Dash Replenishment. It has an auto-feeder that can handle pages and its printer technology is inkjet. The resolution is 4800 with built-in WiFi and Ethernet. 

Brother Monochrome Multifunction Copier

Brother Monochrome Multifunction Copier is your solution if your client sent you documents in a photo format into your smartphone’s photo gallery. If you have a normal printer you wouldn’t be able to print that picture as soon as you want, since it requires you to send it over to your stuff and computer. That process takes too much time and effort, but this laser printer includes another 3 functions like scan, copy and fax. It has a built-in WiFi that helps connect to your smartphones in order for you to print that photo document immediately with no complications. Another astonishing factor is that it enables Amazon Dash Replenishment too. 

This is a monochrome printer with a fax, scanner, and copier with laser printer technology. It connects to smart devices and it has Amazon Dash Replenishment already enabled. The paper tray capacity is 250 sheets with duplex printing and 50 pages auto-feeder. It has built-in WiFi and Ethernet. 

Canon PIXMA MG3520 Wireless Colored Printer With Copier and Scanner

If you are starting a small company, you will need a copier to get you going. The Canon PIXMA MG3520 Wireless Color Printer with Scanner and Copier is the one for you. This copier does not only serve the purpose of copying, but it can also scan, fax and it has a wireless inkjet colored printer feature as well. It is perfect for all small businesses as it is a 4-in-1 feature that is very beneficial. It uses Google Cloud Print and prints and copies duplex high-resolution paper too. 

This wireless printer can scan, fax and copy. It has the Google Cloud Print feature and it also has duplex printing. The printer technology is inkjet, and it can print plain paper, envelopes, high-resolution paper, and glossy photo paper. 

If you need copiers for your small office, you can opt for a copier lease. Copier leasing in Connecticut can help you get the copier that you want. You can contact copier leasing services in Connecticut for details about the lease.