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How Managed Print Services Works

Printing is an important function in all retail businesses. However, there is flexibility in how each business approaches printing. And, the approach that you choose will affect your cost, level of responsibility, and effectiveness. Each of those variables influences future ROI, workflow, and productivity. 

Choosing a print solution that complements your company’s needs and employee work requirements is important. It is not only important from a productivity standpoint but also from your bottom line. When you look at the numbers, considering your print option makes sense. 

Almost 90% of companies do not track their print costs. The document costs represent between 5-15% of revenue. The IT department spends 15% of its time on printing issues. The supplier agreements can reduce operating costs by around 20 to 30%. The managed print services is a program given by print providers that can help manage all aspects of the printing devices of your business, that includes printers, faxes, scanners, and copiers. But it is not the only option for businesses. Working with retailers or even commercial printers is also an option for businesses. 

Managed print services are given by an external provider in order to manage a company’s document output. The main components that are given are general replacement, needs assessment, selective replacement of hardware and the parts, the service, and the supplies that are needed to operate the new and existing hardware. The provider also tracks how the fax, printer, copier, and the MFP fleet is being used, the issues and the user’s satisfaction. 

Ways that a managed print service program could benefit your company

Analyze your printing needs

Even though your IT Department may be capable of analyzing your print fleet, is it the best use of their time? Copier leasing service in Connecticut has experience in analyzing print fleets of all sizes. MPS also possesses specialized knowledge in printer fleet consolidation methods to make sure that your business implements the proper and correct equipment at an affordable rate. This analysis will consider all aspects of your business’ printing needs including printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. 

Reduce the local printers

One of the first things to be assessed in the need and use of local printers. Usually, they are inefficient and they are most costly than realized. These printers only service one user and they are rarely networked, making them inefficient in most businesses. They also often require unique cartridges that are more costly and prone to buying and inventory tracking challenges. 

Streamline printer placement

Putting your printing device in very accessible areas for an appropriate amount of employees will surely help improve the workflow and it can maximize the usage of your device. Easy accessibility to this equipment is important to the effectiveness of your employees. Usually, time is wasted walking across the building or to another floor for printed material. This decreases your employee’s ability to get their work done. 

Replace inefficient devices

Copier leasing service in Connecticut can help you identify which machines are under-performing and replace them with more efficient ones. MPS providers are knowledgeable experts that know the best printing equipment that is available for your business needs and your budget. They will consider things like your printing history and your business goals. 

Automated supply delivery

Remove the need for ordering toner cartridges by entering into an MPS program. Copier leasing service in Connecticut can monitor your devices and it can automate shipment of toner-based on when your machines run low. Keep your employees productive by removing equipment downtime that is caused by a lack of supplies with an effective managed print services program. 

Gain predictability

Copier leasing service in Connecticut can help you consolidate your costs which gives you the ability to have a consistent monthly investment. By partnering up with an MPS provider, there will be no more surprise maintenance or unpredictable printing costs.