Technology Solutions: Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Office Copier Up and Running

Well-maintained office copier is always perfect for your business. Like all other kinds of machines found in your office, a copier also needs little care and attention to keep it running smoothly and functionally. To preserve it for several years, proper care should always be given to your office copier.

Copiers are not as cheap as what others expect it to be. Facing downtime problems could cost you too much frustration and at the same time huge amounts of money for its repair. It could even become worse if you need to change the whole office copier to a new one. Hence, it is always best to provide proper care and attention to your office copier at all times.

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To those who are still struggling on how to take good care of the copier in their office, then here are the top 5 tips to keep your office copier up and running.

  1. The Right Office Copier for Its Job

One important tip you need to consider is to align document output with the needs of your business. Overusing and underusing an office copier will both result in breakdown and more maintenance. Hence, you need to be very careful at all times when using your office copier.

It is always best to work with a professional service provider. This is to make sure that you are going to make use of the right supplies in your office copier. This will also be a big help to ensure that everyone will be using the office copier for its appropriate job.

  1. No Drinking or Eating

Spilling tea, soda or coffee on your office copier is not a good idea. Chips and bagels can also leave crumbs. Having both the crumbs and liquid inside the office copier is the worst thing that may affect printing quality of the machine. Hence, don’t treat your office copier as a buffet table where you can drink and eat. To avoid the worst repair problem to arise, be sure that when you are eating or drinking something, you are far enough to the office copier to prevent the food or drinks from spilling into the machine.

  1. Always Keep Office Copier Clean

Grime or dust on the glass surface of the office copier can definitely interfere with the scan and copy quality of the machine. Hence, to keep your office copier up and running, it is always best to practice regular cleaning of the machine. Clean its glass surface on a regular basis as possible. Make use of a lint-free kind of cloth as well as glass cleaner. If you are not aware of the cleaning materials or products that you’re going to use in cleaning the machine, you may ask the assistance of the machine’s service provider for better cleaning results.

  1. Always Be Gentle

Regardless of how bad your mood is, it is always best to make use of your office copier in a gentle manner. Don’t try to slam some parts of the machine because you’re annoyed or in a bad mood. Make everything gentle especially when using the office copier. Doing this, rest assured that the machine will not only work well but it will give you high quality scan and copy results.

  1. Ask for Reinforcement

If you’ve seen that same errors are experienced repeatedly on your office copier, then it’s now the time to ask for reinforcement. Office copiers are complex machines that combine both hardware and software. As you try to fix the problem itself, you are just making things worse. Hence, make sure to ask the assistance of the service provider since they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to do the repair process without putting too much damage on the machine.


If you have an office copier, it is always best to equip yourself with the top tips on how to keep it running smoothly. With the above-mentioned tips, you are already given a hint on how you’re going to handle your office copier without putting damage on it.  Proper care and maintenance of your office copier will not only help you save a huge amount of money but will definitely be a great help to the success of your company or business.