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HP OfficeJet 5525 Review

HP OfficeJet 5525 Review

There is a long list of multifunction copiers all claiming to be the best in the market and this task of choosing the best one for your business proves to be a challenging one. However, if you can find a printer from the experts of Copier Lease Connecticut that can present a solid proof of being great then choosing will be an easy task.

One of the sought after printers for its great performance is HP OfficeJet 5525. What are its features and what makes it outshine other models? The article will provide a detailed review of the product and its different features. To start with, the HP OfficeJet 5525 is the best option for home and small office printing needs.

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HP OfficeJet 5525

The reason of developing HP OfficejJet 5525 was to replace OfficeJet 4650, its predecessor. With that in mind, HP OfficeJet 5525 has retained the rich quality of color printing, just like the 4650 offers at very reasonable price. In hardware scaling, it suits the needs of a small business and even individuals who want rich color printing at home. It is a multifunction copier that can perform basic clerical tasks like faxing, printing, copying, and scanning. On top of that, it offers wireless connectivity to give its users a dozen ways to connect and direct their printing tasks. Overall, it makes printing convenient.


One of the important features to look for in getting the best copier is speed. It is considered a necessity especially if you are printing in huge volume. The print speed is defined as the number of pages a printing device can print in a single minute. Although manufacturers are hoping that their products can achieve their expectations, most of the time, the opposite happens. A printer’s actual speed is dependent on the type of document being printed, be it text or image. Just remember that printing of images will take longer time compared to a text document.

HP OfficeJet 5525 has a speed of 10ppm for mono and 7ppm for color. There are other models which can print faster but this is already sufficient for the needs of a home office or small businesses which do not print in a regular basis. It can print on different paper sizes (5×7”, 4×6”, 8.5×11”, letter and legal sizes) and other media like envelopes. It can also produce borderless documents if needed.


HP is one of the leading innovators of office equipment, especially that they have already mastered the technology of creating multifunctional but easy-to-use printers. Using Wi-Fi connection, you can easily download the printing app by following its simple instructions. Once done, you can start your printing tasks in just seconds.

One its many feature is the software called HP Photo Creations, which is instrumental in helping the user create different photo creations like collages, calendars, photobooks and even birthday cards. Add your creativity into your HP OfficeJet 5525 printer and you will find its exceptional versatility.

Another convenient feature of HP OfficeJet 5525 is its 35-sheet automatic document feeder. You can easily complete tasks like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing without having the trouble of looking into the paper tray. It helps save time. Compact copiers such as this have their own limitations, but if you are looking for a bigger document feeder tray then you need to consider larger models.

Other features

The compact size of HP OfficeJet 5525 does not have any room for a photo tray. However, it performs rather quietly at 51dB on top of its compact yet efficient build. Normal conversation is louder compared to its quiet operation. It only utilizes as much as 14 watts when operational and less than a watt while on sleep mode.

It supports a wide array of operating systems including the latest versions of Windows. Like other HP products, upon purchase, you get a year worth of warranty plus an unlimited technical support services from HP experts.

Who needs HP OfficeJet 5525?

The model is a compact and budget-friendly printer. It is well-suited for either individuals or small offices that are looking for reliable printers. Considering its volume capacity, this is not intended for heavy printing tasks. If you don’t really need printing in color though, you can find much cheaper items on the market. It is almost impossible to dislike HP OfficeJet 5525 with its features and capabilities. You just have to know your printing needs and make your decision of getting the best printer from Copier Lease Connecticut experts.