Buy Copier From Your Local Dealer

As an office manager, business owner or even someone who wants to buy a piece of equipment for your business, there are a lot of choices where to get your next copier and service it. There are a lot of copier repair businesses, manufacturers and local authorized copier dealers near you. Buying a printer or copier from your local dealer can help boost the local economy, it can also be better for your business. 

There are numerous reasons why local authorized dealers have been successfully operating in their areas for years. It is not because of one thing like local knowledge, service or pricing, or that they got lucky with their customers. There are more reasons than that. Here are the advantages of doing business with your local dealer:

Best price

The first question that you will ask when you want to buy or lease a copier is how much it would cost. There are a lot of variables that you need to consider when trying to answer this question like the color or how many copiers or prints are you going to do monthly. The speed and the performance of the copier that you are going to lease or buy will also have an impact on the price. 

Most people think that buying a copier directly from the manufacturer will score them the best price; the thing is it won’t. People buy at the same wholesale price from the same manufacturer, but dealers are smaller companies that are working with less overhead, so they can agile the cost to you. 

Speed and quality

If you have been in the office for some time, you will understand why an excellent service for your office technology is important. Since the manufacturer created the equipment, you may think that they should be able to provide a better service than anyone else. However, that is not true. Local dealers have service technicians who are well-trained, the same as the technicians that work for the manufacturers. 

Also, the manufacturer is not local. Some of them may have local showrooms or offices, but that does not mean that their service is routed through the local office. Service calls need to be checked with their main office or headquarters, and this can take a 24-hour service into 72 hours of service or more. Local dealers make faster decisions. 

Flexibility of solutions

Manufacturers only offer products that they’ve made; they do not promote other products. Local dealers, on the other hand, have the flexibility to carry equipment with multiple companies. A local dealer may represent a lot of manufacturers for copiers and printers, and they can also sell and service equipment from other manufacturers depending on the needs of a client. This type of flexibility that they have allows them to mix and match equipment to make customized printing solutions for clients based on output options, pricing and equipment speeds. Since they can serve different types of equipment, you can go to one source for all of your service needs. 

Billing support

Your local copier dealer can make it easier for you to understand certain information on your invoice and they can help you figure out what you are billed for. It is also easy to contact them and to hold them accountable. If they are giving excellent service to you, they will happily go over your invoices regularly. 

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Whether you are looking to lease or purchase a printer, copier, phone system, IT outsourcing or other services, it is best to consider your local providers. There are a lot of local dealers that you can go to, depending on where you are from. There are copier Leases in Connecticut, and other cities. You will be surprised by how hard they will work to win and keep your business.